Are you sure this was the last chance in life?

You feel like you’ve lost everything in life. You think that there is no more reason for you to be alive. It might be for various reasons like you might have failed to achieve something that you were soo sure about. Or maybe someone treated you disrespectfully. Or perhaps someone abandoned you for someone or something else. Or you feel like nobody understands you and there is no place for you in this world. So you decide to end your life.
You had the courage to die but not enough courage to face the world?. You overcame the most basic yet strongest fear of every living being, the fear of death. But why couldn’t you overcome your deepest fears that led you to your death?.
You didn’t share your fears with someone you trust. Or maybe you didn’t trust anyone to an extent that you could open up your heart and show them your worst fears.
Sharing your fears with others is necessary but not as important as sharing them with your own self and facing it. Have you ever talked to yourself about your fears? About your doubts?. Did you ever write what you feel on a sheet of paper and burned it? Did you talk to yourself in front of the mirror?. If you didn’t do any of those and yet decided to die I think you missed your second chance in life.

People say that when you are in pain you need to forget it by using other means of distraction. Does that help? Yes, but only for that moment. You can only be free from your pain and fear if you face them and make sure that you fight them away.
Yeah, so you decided to die and succeeded. But, you left those who loved you in pain, in despair. It might have been a relief for you but it caused more pain to people who had you in their hearts. Now they are broken And will have to face the fears that you created in their hearts, Alone.
You might not know it but, there were people who looked upon you as their inspiration. You might not have noticed someone who always stole glances at you. There were people who were proud of your achievements. Now that you have gone, what do think will happen to all those people? You were the hope for those people.
Death is never the solution, No matter how much pain you are in. You need to fight till you succeed. You need to make yourself strong. You need to talk to yourself and even then if you feel the pain, approach someone whom you trust. If you feel like you can’t trust anyone there are people who do therapy sessions who will listen to you for hours. Going to therapy does not mean you are mad. It means that you are trying to fight your inner demons. It means that you are becoming strong.
People might laugh at you. They might try to push you down. They might make your life miserable if you let them. But in the end, it’s all in your hand, how will you face them? With courage or by being a corpse?.

Just someone who loves reading and listening to people.