Insecurities, who don’t have them?

I have them, buttloads of them. So, whenever I’m jobless or be on social media for a long time they creep up and say “hello bitch, we are back to haunt you”. Those moments are the scariest because sometimes when I am feeling low I won’t be having the energy to fight them or even simply ignore them. Sometimes, I just give in and think of all the bad stuff about my body, about my life. It takes a whole lot of time for me to gather myself up and go on with my day-to-day…

The Raven Tower is the first book in the Firewalker series by Emma Miles. It is an epic magical fantasy saga that revolves around mainly 3 kingdoms, The Fulmers, The Chems, and the People of Elden. When the Chems decide to attack and conquer everyone, the rest of them should keep aside their differences and fight against a common deadly enemy.
Kesta, a Firewalker, daughter to the Icante and Silene of the Fulmers is put in a dilemma when she is asked to marry the Darkman in return for the protection of the Fulmers. She is supposed to live in Elden…

You feel like you’ve lost everything in life. You think that there is no more reason for you to be alive. It might be for various reasons like you might have failed to achieve something that you were soo sure about. Or maybe someone treated you disrespectfully. Or perhaps someone abandoned you for someone or something else. Or you feel like nobody understands you and there is no place for you in this world. So you decide to end your life.
You had the courage to die but not enough courage to face the world?. You overcame the most basic yet…


Just someone who loves reading and listening to people.

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